Benefits of Exercise


An easy way to stay motivated to workout is to learn the benefits of exercise. There are both physiological and psychological benefits of exercise that you need to be aware of.

When talking about the physiological side of things, you are going to see a reduced resting heart rate, a lower body weight (assuming a proper diet is followed), a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, an increase in muscular strength and better balance and coordination.

The psychological benefits of exercise on the other hand are a little more variable with the individual. For some people, the greatest thing they see happening is an improvement in their body image. Many people who are overweight simply do not feel confident in themselves in their everyday life. Getting in shape and losing these excess pounds really changes that for them.

Others may find that working out drastically improves their moods. Many doctors recommend fitness as a way of beating depression because it can be so uplifting. This is because the body releases endorphins when you are working out at a certain intensity that helps to reduce stress and put you in a positive state of mind.

Another psychological aspect that fitness provides people with is a sense of self-control. If they are able to stick to a regular fitness program then they feel like they are in control of their lives better. Plus, many individuals find that working out helps reduce food cravings so this helps them control their dieting behaviours as well.

There is no doubt that committing to a workout routine will have a positive effect in your life. Those that get into the habit of doing it will find that they really have no desire to go back to their old selves because they really do feel so much better, both in their physical strength and their mental well-being.



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