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As you no doubt know, to lose or control your weight, you must burn calories. And lots of them. Below we have highlighted how many calories you can expect to burn performing a number of popular activities.

Note: The following calories represent the amount of calories burnt during 60 minutes of exercise if your weigh 150 pounds. If you weigh more, you will burn more calories as a result!

Circuit training
A great workout for all the muscles of the body. This workout is as hard as you make it. A compromise between a strength session and an aerobic workout.

Calories burnt in 1 hour = 472

Good exercise for toning, strengthening and shaping the legs. Compliment this exercise with rowing or upper body resistance work.

Calories burnt in 1 hour = 531

In general a much gentler form of exercise than the rest. Fresh air and lots of walking means you can still burn many calories.

Calories burnt in 1 hour = 236

Arguably the best exercise for strengthening the heart and lungs and burning body fat. Ideal for shaping and toning the thighs and calves.

Calories burnt in 1 hour = 590 (speed dependent)

Power walking
Displays all the benefits of jogging without causing stress via heavy impact on the knees and back.

Calories burnt in 1 hour = 300

A good overall toning session. Works the muscles against added resistance. Be warned. 60 minutes of continuos swimming can be extremely hard work.

Calories burnt in 1 hour = 472

There is more to yoga than just calorie burning. Used for balance, flexibility, relaxation and strength. Still burns a few calories.

Calories burnt in 1 hour = 250

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