Fat burning myths


Some people believe - as do some well-known high street magazines - that the best way to burn excess body fat (and lose weight) is to exercise at a low intensity for an extended period of time. This intensity is often referred to as the FAT BURNING ZONE.

This belief originates from the fact that exercising at low level intensities burns a higher percentage of fat than higher intensity exercise. While this is true, it might not guarantee more calories will be used during low exercise intensities, Or that lower exercise intensities will equal a greater weight loss.

What this means to your weight loss
Basically, the lower the exercise intensity the higher percentage of fat used. So, if you walk rather than jog, and jog rather than run it appears you tap into your bodies stored fat cells for energy more readily.

The science bit
Exercising at 60% of your age predicted maximum heart rate (APMHR)* for 30 minutes may burn 200 calories - depending on your body weight. Of these 200 calories, 50 percent may come from stored fats. Thus a total of 100 calories will come from fat, the remaining calories will come from carbohydrates and proteins.

However, exercising at 80% of your APMHR* for the same amount of time may burn 300 calories more; a total of 500 calories. But of this figure only 40 percent may come from stored fats.

* APMHR = 220 -age. Therefor if you are 30, your APMHR would be 220 - 30, equalling 190 beats per minute.

Now for the best bit
The harder you train in the gym the more calories you burn at rest - the body turns into an efficient calorie burning machine. Yes that's right. Burn more calories watching TV or movies, play on your PS2 etc.

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