Stress management : coping


If stress and worry constantly play on your mind, you might be surprised to know that the you can play a much greater role in controlling how much stress you feel.

Complex characters
We all have various aspects that make up the wonderful person that is "Me". However, what if these elements are in fact exaggerating a stressful situation?

Possible solutions
General tips to allow maximum relaxation are related to our social life, work and home and our diet and activity levels. Become a social butterfly
Studies indicate that the more friends we have, and the more we talk to them, the less likely we are to feel depressed - basically due to the old saying "A problem shared..."

Workaholics beware
Plan ahead at work, but be flexible. Nothing will stress you out more than feeling overpowered and unable to cope at the work place. Priorities, set realistic goals and if need be ask for help with certain tasks.

At home
Make time to relax - even if this equates to 20 mins a day where all you think about is "Me".

Get at least 7 hours sleep per night. Studies indicate that we need between 7 - 9 hours sleep per night to function optimally.

More sex please. Is there a better way to relieve stress?

Diet and exercise
Cut down on coffee. Research indicates that caffeine triggers the body to increase it's adrenaline levels - a sure fire way to increase stress.

Regular exercise increases the immune system, so you will feel in tip top shape more often. Exercise also stimulates the brain be release endorphins - the body's very de-stressing drug!



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