Many people would like to have more energy. Keeping active and eating a balanced diet with help you stay vital.

It is also important to understand the energy system of the body so you can get the most from your regular workouts.

Everyone needs energy to perform everyday activities, to move and to live. The body uses fuel (in the form of carbohydrates, fat and protein) in different ways. This is our energy system. Here are the different aspects of that system:

  • ATP -CP System - Adenosine Triphospate - Creatine phosphate, this is the most readily available source of energy in the body. It is produced without oxygen and is used in activities that last under 3 minutes such as weight lifting.

  • Anaerobic System - this system uses carbohydrates in the form of glycogen that it stores in the muscles as fuel. This is produced without oxygen and results in a buildup of lactic acid. A buildup of lactic acid results in muscle fatigue. This system engages for 3-10 minutes.

  • Aerobic System - This system uses oxygen to create fuel from carbohydrates and fat. It is the only system that uses fat as fuel.

    It is utilized in activities that last for long periods of time such as walking or running. We are always working aerobically as we breathe.

All three of these systems play an important role in exercise are always working in combination. They are responsible for helping to build muscles, lose fat and improve out cardiovascular fitness.



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