Fitness Tools


There are many fitness tools available to help you monitor your exercise progress and performance. Many of them are easy to find and use.

Fitness tools are a great way to affirm that you are achieving your goals and help you track results.

Fitness tools can help you with everything from finding you body fat percentage to monitoring your heart rate. When choosing you fitness fools, think about your specific goals and what information is important to you. Here are examples of some commonly used ones:

  • Heart Rate Monitor - this device will monitor your heart rate and ensure that you are working within your target zone (55%-85% of your maximum heart rate). It is often used by runners and athletes but can benefit any population.

  • Glycemic index - The glycemic index or GI ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on our blood glucose levels. Choosing low GI foods is the key to sustainable weight loss.

  • BMI Calculator - Body Mass Index or BMI is a tool for indicating weight status in adults. It is a measure of weight for height. It is a good starting point in an exercise program.

  • Calories counters - this guide will tell you how many calories are found in each food serving. It is helpful to give you an idea of how much you are actually eating

  • Body Composition - Body composition is simply the ratio of lean body mass to fat body mass. Too much fat can lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and other serious conditions. Women should aim between 14-24% body fat and men 6-18%



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