Target Heart Rate


The desired range of heart rate reached during aerobic exercise is you target heart rate (THR).

This enables one's heart and lungs to receive the most benefit from a workout and is the optimum place at which person should train in order to achieve desired results.

The target heart rate range varies based on one's physical condition, age, and previous training.

The most common way to find out your target heart rate is to use a formula, though it's important to remember that formulas aren't always 100% accurate. Certain medications can affect heart rate so check with your doctor about monitoring exercise intensity if you fall into this category.

Below are two ways to calculate one's Target Heart Rate. THR can be calculated by using a range of 55%-85% of your maximum HR (220-your age).

The simplest method for calculating THR is:

THR = maxHR ? %Intensity

Example for someone with a maxHR of 180:

55% Intensity: 180 ? 0.55 = 99 bpm
85% Intensity: 180 ? 0.85 = 153 bpm

The Karvonen Method is more accurate because it factors in your resting heart rate (RHR).

RHR can be found by placing the index finger on your write or neck to find your pulse. Start at 0 and count the beats in 10 second. Multiple that number by 60.

THR = ((HRmax - HRrest) ? %Intensity) + HRrest

Example for someone with a HRmax of 180 and a HRrest of 70:

50% intensity: ((180 - 70) ? 0.55) + 70 = 131 bpm
85% intensity: ((180 - 70) ? 0.85) + 70 = 163 bpm



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