Diet Risk


Is there a diet risk associated with losing large quantities of excess weight? Everyone is aware of the benefits of dieting for individuals who are overweight or even obese.

Overweight individuals are at higher risk for heart attack, stroke or diabetes than people of normal weight, so losing the excess can reduce their chances of developing these life threatening illnesses.

However, recent studies are highlighting the possibility of a diet risk to health when individuals under go substantial weight loss over a comparatively short period of time. The diet risk centres on the increased strain put on your internal organs during the process of slimming. So how prevalent is this diet risk? And should this threat put you off slimming?

The heart of the potential diet risk isn't with losing excess weight during slimming. It's with the potential for slimmers to go beyond just losing subcutaneous fat which is fat layers beneath the skin, and moving on to losing fat from lean organs, putting strain on them to retain normal function. This can happen when slimmers lose too much weight too quickly, or when they chase unrealistic body images or target weights that aren't suitable for their body type. Some medical professionals also suspect that when approached incorrectly slimming can result in some psychological problems and can even lead to the onset of illnesses like depression, bulimia and anorexia.

So, given this information, what's the best way to stay slim and healthy? Like with so many other serious health conditions, prevention is better than a cure. Work to establish a diet and exercise regime that will prevent you from putting excess weight on in the first place. If you do need to slim, make sure you discuss possible slimming plans with your doctor. He or she can advise you about healthy means of weight loss, and monitor your progress. Most important of all, you need to embrace the fact that it took time to gradually put weight on, so it will take time to lose it in a healthy manner. Good luck!



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