Cross training exercises


The principle of cross training is one of the key elements of fitness, so classes that aspire to include cross training in their program are likely to have several benefits over those that take a more single minded approach.

Cross training is quite simple - it involves doing a variety of different exercises rather than just one.

The benefits of cross training are well understood and backed up by extensive research. They include:

  • Better overall conditioning
  • Less chance of injury (less repetitive movements)
  • More interesting
  • Less drop out of participants

The classic use of this is triathletes. Because triathletes mix running, swimming, and biking, they are able to sustain far higher total volume of workouts than they would if they did just one sport.

In addition, they rarely have to do the same sport on consecutive days, allowing much greater opportunity for recovery.

To introduce this element into your workouts is simple - pick a variety of different classes or activities, and alternate between them.

So for example your weekly workout mix could include a cardio combat class, some yoga, a run, and maybe a long bike ride on the weekend.

The options are quite literally endless, limited only by your time, imagination, and energy!



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