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Dig out those hipsters because we have 2 great tummy exercise ideas to show you. Each exercises described here can be done on the floor at home, so there can be no excuses about not having enough time to go to the gym etc. Because it just won't wash.

1. The crunch
The crunch is a simple exercise to perform. In fact the crunch is usually the main stomach exercise of every athlete, model and sex goddess.


  • Lie on your back.
  • Place your feet on the floor as close to your bottom as possible and place your knees together.
  • Rest your hands across you chest and relax the neck.
  • Slowly raise your shoulders off the floor by contracting only the abdominal muscles.
  • Don't come up too high - your lower back should always remain on the floor.
  • Hold that position for a count of 1 and breath out forcefully.
  • Slowly relax the stomach muscles and allow your shoulders to return to the floor.
  • Repeat 10 - 12 times, rest for 60 seconds then repeat.
Tip - If you find your neck starts to strain try this. Focus your vision on one point on the ceiling and maintain this throughout the exercise - this should stop your head nodding during the performance.

2. The plank
And no, it's not your last boyfriend!

The crunch is the single best exercise for toning the abdominal wall. However there is a tendency to find that it doesn't flatten the stomach as much as we'd like.

To do that you must perform the plank, as well as the crunch.

  • Lie flat on your stomach
  • Place your hands at either side of your chest - as if ready to perform a press up - although your should tuck your elbows into your sides.
  • Keeping your back perfectly flat, push yourself up onto your knees - so that your upper body is off the floor, with your hands and knees acting as support.
  • Keeping your back flat, pull in your tummy button as high as possible - as if to suck it in close to the spine.
  • Aim to maintain a normal breathing pattern and hold this position for 10 - 60 seconds.
  • Rest, lie flat then repeat twice.
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