Nutritional Aids


You need to know that nutritional ergogenic aids consist of organic substances that are used with the purpose of enhancing sports performance. Many of them produce positive results.

Nutritional aids can be a great alternative to some drug-based enhancements.

Nutritional ergogenic aids can include anything from manipulations of the fluid, carbohydrate, fat, and protein content in a diet, to nutrient or food supplements in the form of tablets, liquids, bars, injections or powders. Nutritional aids can be divided into three categories:

  • Products that may enhance energy production to improve strength, speed, power, or endurance (such as: carbohydrates, fat, protein, fluid, vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs).

  • Products that may enhance performance by changing body composition (such as protein, energy, chromium )

  • Products that may enhance recovery (such as fluids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and/or herbal products).

The use of sports drinks and carbohydrates have been shown to improve recovery and replace sugars and electrolytes that are lost in exercise. Most studies conclude that creatine and some vitamins are safe.

It is important to research any new products that you would like to try to ensure that it is safe, effective and to rule out any possible side effects.

The use of supplements to enhance athletic performance has skyrocketed during the past decade with new products appearing on the market every week. Athletes will spend hundred of dollars on products that may or may not work. No supplementation can replace hard work, dedication and a balanced diet in any training program.



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