The human body is made up of many elements, one of the most plentiful being calcium. It is the fifth-most abundant element on the earth and is absolutely essential to most living organisms for a variety of reasons.

Calcium can be consumed in several ways by humans and the amount you need varies depending on your age.

Calcium in humans is absolutely essential for many different body functions. It aids in bone and tooth density and strength, blood clotting, nerve transmissions and health, cellular fluid balance, cellular regulation, muscle contractions and much more. Yet, despite the obvious importance, more than half (and up to 75% in some studies) of all adults do not get the recommended daily amount of calcium in their diets. The average adult age 18 and over need between 1,000 and 1,300mg daily. The amount recommended may increase with age and especially pregnancy or certain diseases, as recommended by your doctor.

There are many ways to get this vital nutrient in your diet- whether through pill form like a vitamin or through food. Because most don't get enough in their diets, some doctors say you should do both- eat and take a vitamin. The pill form can come in the form of a multivitamin with at least the 1,000mg recommended or a separate pill with only the single element in it.

In terms of food, this nutrient absorbs through your food if you also make sure to take Vitamin-K. Dairy products are the most obvious source- milk, cheese, eggs etc. Also, dark leafy greens are a great source as well. Choose fresh, in-season veggies such as collard green, kale and okra for more nutrients. Other easy-to-find sources include broccoli, almonds, rutabaga, fortified soy milk and orange juice.



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