When people think of their daily diet, they rarely think about vitamins. In fact, many adults stop taking vitamins altogether once they grow up- erroneously thinking that they only needed them when they were a kid. This couldn't be further from the truth.

The average American gets a good amount of the recommended daily intake of vitamins through the food they eat everyday.

But you might be shocked to know that some essential nutrients are not ingested in amounts high enough to make an impact on your body. That is why taking vitamins everyday is an essential part of your diet- you should use the pill or liquid form of a multivitamin to supplement your diet each and every day- even if your food intake is well-balanced and healthy.

You should also realize that minerals are not the same thing. Minerals, amino acids and even fatty acids are usually all lumped together, but they are different things and often a separate pill must be taken for both in order to get the daily recommended allowances.

Whether you take a pill or not, you should still strive to get the majority of your daily needs through your food. Doing so usually means a healthy balance of proteins, carbs, healthy fats and even a little bit of the bad fats that every diet still needs.

The other thing you should know about these vital nutrients is that even if you get 100% of the recommended allowance, certain aspects of your lifestyle can render them useless.

For instance, heavy alcohol intake or heavy smoking can rob your body of the nutrients you put into it. This is why you should always try lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible- not doing so could deplete your body's resources, even if you eat well.



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