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Wondering how making use of a calorie counter could help you lose those stubborn extra couple of pounds? Or are you unsure about what a calorie counter even is? At, our calorie counter is easy to understand, and even easier to use.

It's simple to find out the energy values of all your favourite foods in seconds at the click of your mouse. And knowing for sure how much damage that donut is really going to do means that you'll be able to make smarter food choices and lose weight faster. So how exactly can you use a calorie counter to help you lose weight?

In order to lose excess weight, everyone knows that it's necessary to expend more energy than you consume. Using a calorie counter allows you to enter information like your current weight, your target weight, and your target date, to calculate how much energy you should consume each day to achieve your goal.

You can also enter how much daily exercise you get and increase or decrease your daily food intake accordingly.

Another important feature that you can make use of is the search engine that allows you to find the energy amounts in all your favorite foods and beverages. Using this to the optimum, you can be sure you're always staying well within your daily allotment in order to continue to lose.

You can even look up your favourite dishes at popular restaurants and fast food outlets, and calculate the amount of energy contained in the cocktails you drink on a Saturday night.

Why not explore how this weight loss tool can revolutionize your slimming plan - and your figure! Try entering your weight loss goals and personal stats today!



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