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Wondering whether the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program is the answer to your slimming problems? Jenny Craig Weight Loss is one of the more established commercial diet programs on the market, and has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due to the positive publicity created when actress Kirsty Alley lost a substantial amount on the program.

For slimmers who feel more comfortable with the structure and guidance offered by an established program, the Jenny Craig Weight Loss program offers one to one guidance from a nutritionist mentor, a sense of community with fellow participants, and even an online option.

There's also a range of products, from food brands to magazines that you can make use of. But is the Jenny Craig Weight Loss plan healthy? How does it work? And is it reliable?

This plan operates by making use of a low calorie diet where slimmers will eat roughly 60% carbs, 20% fats and 20% protein a day, averaging roughly 1200 calories. This is achieved with the help of one-to-one mentorship, either at specialized centres, online, or over the phone to help you plan your meals and track your progress. The program also relies quite heavily on pre-packaged brand meals and snacks, which can be helpful from the perspective of controlling portion sizes.

There are a variety of types of plans available, including the 'Tune Up', 'On Track' and 'Rewards' packages which offer different levels of support and different lengths of time on the plan. The good aspects of the program include the fact that the food group ratio is nutritionally sound and promotes health and wellness as well as weight loss, and the support of qualified nutritionists ensures success. Possible downsides include the fact that the brand pre-packaged meals can be expensive, and prevent slimmers from learning to implement proper portion control after the plan is finished.

If you're interested in learning more about this program, why not head down to one of the specialty centres or check the website for more details?



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