Recumbent Exercise Bike


Instead of using a traditional machine, trying a recumbent exercise bike could pay huge dividends for you.

No matter what your fitness level, this type of machine is comfortable, adjustable and can be used by beginners and long-time exercisers alike. Depending on the model you buy, a recumbent exercise bike can have a lot of features that a traditional upright model may not.

The biggest difference between an upright and a recumbent exercise bike is the seat and how you are situated in it. The seat resembles an actual chair, high-back and all. It sits you upright in a way that makes it easier to have good posture. Your feet will be almost in front of you, as the seat is usually fairly low to the ground on a recumbent exercise bike.

Doctors and fitness trainers alike agree that this model is better than traditional ones. It has less impact on your back by allowing you to sit upright- many people lean forward on traditional machines causing strain.

They also force you to only use your legs- you will not be able to stand up and use your weight to carry you up and down while pedaling.

As previously mentioned, beginners have a real advantage here. Because of the adjustable resistance, even someone who has not kept fit in years will be able to use this successfully.

Many newer models come with extras like heart monitors, wi-fi hookups and other amenities. Though these are nice, they do increase your price.

You will find that a very basic model is more than enough fun to keep you entertained- without the added distractions that will lighten your pocketbook more than your weight.



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