Exercise Treadmill


Arguably one of the most familiar items in a gym, the exercise treadmill has been around for ages. It is one of the few pieces of equipment that has stood the test of time and is still around today.

In fact, not only is the exercise treadmill still around today, but innovations and additions to it are being added all the time to make it much more adaptable to the needs and desires of today's exercisers.

If you are looking for an exercise treadmill for your home, you should go to a fitness store ready to try several out. This means wearing what you would wear while working out. Whatever clothes you would normally wear coupled with a good pair of supportive sneakers are a key. Climb onto each exercise treadmill that is within your budget (they generally start at $200 and go up from there) and give it a try.

Look for features that you want like adjustable speed, heart monitors and anything else that appeals to you.

A larger, heavier motor is something you want to look for, as this will ensure your machine stand the test of time, particularly if you will be using it everyday.

Though a larger motor will obviously cost more, this is something that you should invest in. Buying the right machine should be a one-time purchase with the proper maintenance- meaning you should invest correctly, even if it takes you a little while longer to save money for it.

Make sure the deck has at least ? of an inch of thickness. This will lessen the impact on your ankles and knees as you workout. Comfort is one of the biggest things, which is why we suggest that you go to the store prepared to try several models out.



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