The greater the variety of accessories you have at your disposal, the greater the variety of workouts you can perform.

This is true whether you are working out at home, or in your local gym or health club.

When people think about fitness equipment they usually think first of the big items - treadmills, free weights, etc - but the truth is that accessories can make just as much difference to your workouts.

So what types of accessories are we talking about here? Choices include:

  • Exercise ball
  • Exercise video
  • Exercise mat
  • Workout magazine
  • Gym bag
  • Exercise band
  • Workout music
  • Exercise DVD
  • Exercise trampoline
  • Gym mat
  • Workout bench
  • Gym flooring

All of these can enhance or improve the overall quality of your workouts - if you've ever tried working out in the gym when the sound system is broken you'll know how important that one is

For home workouts, items like good DVDs and workout mats can be the difference between a dull or uncomfortable workout that you don't want to repeat, and something that can become a regular part of your weekly programme.



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