An increasingly popular form of exercise right now is Yoga. This type of workout originated in India and has a variety of different styles that participants practice.

The most common ones are bikram, hatha, power and ashtanga.

Yoga helps the individual to combine all the aspects of strength, flexibility, concentration and mediation at once therefore giving them a complete workout that not only energizes but also helps to reduce stress as well.

As it is growing in popularity, there are over 16 million yoga practitioners in the United States alone. This makes it a very accessible form of exercise and you can find classes in a wide variety of venues such as gyms, private studious, universities and many dance centers. They are starting to tailor the practice more to particular types of individuals as well and you will find classes specifically offered for pregnant women, children and those with join problems. If you would rather practice in private however, this is not a problem at all as there are numerous workout videos that you are able to buy that cover the wide variety of forms and experience levels.

You should take note that when performing this exercise, it is advised that you do not eat a full meal beforehand as the positions may interfere with digestions. You will also need to wear fitted clothing that can easily move with you as you will be taking your movements through a wide range of motion.

So if you have never tried this type of class before it is a good time to experience it. You will be quite surprised how sore you may be the next day as many of the positions work muscles that you have not used that frequently before. Remember, as with any exercise, to start doing it slowly so you do not risk injuring yourself and come to each class feeling fresh and ready to give 100%.



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