Adidas Trainers


One of the most popular shoes out on the market today would be the Adidas trainer. No matter what sport, workout or exercise regimen you want to do, there is likely an Adidas trainer that is perfect for you.

In addition to form and function, they employ some of the best designers in the shoe business to make all of them as stylish as possible.

One of the best things about an Adidas trainer is the function. The majority of their shoes now come with a material called adiprene or adiprene+. These are lightweight materials that can take a heavy duty beating. They allow you to work your hardest in your Adidas trainer with the most amount of protection. Each of these materials responds to a different part of your foot- either the heel or ball, the two most used parts during walking or workout.

The adiprene+ is at the front near your toes which provides extra propulsion and puts more spring into your movements, making them easier. It is also more adaptable because it is thin in comparison to the adiprene in the back, which is meant to absorb the shock of up to 8 times your body weight.

This helps prevent foot fatigue and avoid injury, which can derail your workout schedule.

Always try on your shoes and make sure they are comfortable and buy a half size larger than what feels good with your thick workout socks, since feet tend to swell during exertion. Make sure the shoe has the right amount of arch support for your foot. You may have to try several pairs on, but you will likely find one that is perfect for you.



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