Shoulder Workout


One of the most important components of any fitness program is a shoulder workout. This muscle groups help support and assist all exercises performed by the upper body.

A good shoulder workout will ensure that this muscle group is strong, stable and safe.

A shoulder workout will involve all muscle of this area. It consists of three separate parts - the front deltoid, the medial deltoid and the rear deltoid. No one exercise will hit all three areas but there many great single moves that will work them individually. It is important not to have too many exercises in your shoulder workout as they are continually in action supporting other muscle groups. Exercising once a week is enough to give this area adequate attention.

There are many great exercises that will work this muscle group. Some of these include: lateral raises (for the medial muscles), seated overhead presses, (for the front muscles) upright rows and reverse flys (for the rear muscles). Begin with one set of each exercise. Once you build up more strength, you can gradually increase to 3 sets of each.

These sets can be done on different days with at least 48 hours rest between exercises. Try to use a lighter weight and more repletion's so you do not over train the area.

This muscle group is very prone to injury so if you are unsure about proper form and technique, please consult a fitness professional. Once you get the hang of it, you will be strong and sculpted in no time!



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