Arm Exercise


A balanced fitness program must always include arm exercise. Strengthening these muscles will improve performance and help you perform everyday activities with ease.

Arm exercises are easy to include into your workout and can be done with various equipment.

In order to perform the best and most safe arm exercises, it is important to understand the muscles involved and thief function. The bicep muscle group is responsible for bending the elbow. They are used to lift and pull. An example of a move to work this group is a bicep curl (with free weights, machines or resistance bands). The triceps muscles straighten the elbow and are used to push and lift. Proper arm exercises will result in shapely muscles and improved strength.

An example of a triceps exercise would be dips (with a machine or using a bench). These muscles are utilized in performing other exercises of the upper body so you want to ensure that you do not over train them.

When executing these movements it is important to perform them slowly and with control. Ideally, you will work on these muscles on 2 separate days as they work in opposition to each other. That mean, they can tired even when they are not being worked specifically. Begin with one exercise for both the triceps and biceps for 1 set and between 10-12 repetitions. You can increase sets and weights as you become more comfortable with the movements and adjust based on your fitness goals.



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