Back Workout


As a major muscle group in the body, a balanced back workout will give you support and strength to help improve posture and performance in everyday activities.

An extensive back workout will include multiple exercises to target all areas.

Starting your back workout begins with an understanding of the muscles involved. This is a very large muscles group and can handle a considerable amount of weight. This area consists of many muscles including the rhomboids, the latisimus dorsi, and the trapezius.

There are many exercises that you can try to target these areas. There is no one exercise that will target all of these areas so you must include several exercises in your program. Some examples are:

  • Cable pull downs (for the latisimsus dorsi)
  • Bent over barbell rows (for the rhomboids)
  • Shoulder shrugs (for the trapezius)

These exercises can be performed together or on separate days, ensuring adequate rest between training. Begin with one set of each exercise and gradually increase to 3. You can perform these exercises up to 3 times a week with sufficient rest between days. These exercises, if performed properly, with also help reduce back pain.

Stretching this area is just as important as strengthening it. This will improve mobility and release tension. Hold stretches for 30-90 seconds for maximum benefit. A great exercise is to bend at the hips and place you hand on the back of a chair. When this area is strong and stretched you will notice the benefit immediately.



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