Vitamin A


One of the vital nutrients to human, Vitamin A comes in all kinds of forms, from natural form in your food to pill form and even hidden in your skin care line under another name.

But no matter how you get it or what you call it, you probably use a whole lot more Vitamin A than you are aware of.

Vitamin A is what is called a yellow, fat-soluble nutrient. This means that it is able to be dissolved in fat and therefore is stored there as well. D, E and K are all fat-soluble nutrients. Vitamin A is important on several levels. First, it is quite important for the health of your vision. Along with calcium, it also supports bone structure and can help fight such diseases as osteoporosis.

This nutrient belongs to a group called retinoids. Retinoids are chemical compounds that can be found in a lot of medicines, especially those for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

They are used in anything that needs a compound to regulate cell growth, which is exactly what retinoids do. The retinoids in a medicine like chemotherapy compound for example, help grow new, healthy cells in place of the cancerous cells that were killed during treatment.

You may have heard of retinol, which is another form of this nutrient. You can find it in a great deal of skincare products for the body but especially the face. It promotes the growth of healthy, glowing skin cells to replace the dull ones washed away by cleansers. It is often found in lotion and moisturizer form and is a natural way to expose your skin to a youth-promoting treatment.



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