Vitamin E


As a consumer, you probably see many products claiming to have Vitamin E in them and you may question why it is such a vital thing to have in those products.

From sunscreen to moisturizers, hand lotions to shampoos, Vitamin E is big business in the beauty industry- but it is also big business for your health as well.

Vitamin E occurs naturally in eight different forms called isomers and is referred to by scientists as tocopherol.

The US RDA for it is 15 milligrams per day, as some should be taken internally as well as externally through all the beauty products you may buy. You can take it in pill form or get your Vitamin E from foods such as corn, soybean and vegetable oils, whole grains, fish and peanut butter.

Antioxidants are very important for eliminating free radicals from your body and skin and this nutrient is a very powerful one. This is why you see it in so many facial products- free radicals tend to damage the thin, sensitive facial skin the most. Antioxidants can not only prevent this damage but help to repair it as well.

Examples of free radical causes would be prolonged sun exposure without sunscreen, smoke, air pollutants, water pollutants and alcohol just to name a few. These can prematurely age your skin and cause blemishes or acne as well. Using products with antioxidants in them such as this nutrient is essential to fight them.

Remember though that your skin is an organ- so you should treat all of it equally well. The face garners the most attention but slathering the rest of your body with nutrient rich creams and lotions containing antioxidants is an important part of skin (and therefore organ) maintenance.



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