Anaerobic Training


Any muscles activity that does not require oxygen is considered anaerobic training. Is uses energy from other sources: phosphorous and lactic acid.

Examples of this kind of exercises would includes sprints and weight lifting, Many athletes use anaerobic training to improve their sports performance but can also be used by anyone who is looking to improve in any way.

Most people can only remain in the anaerobic training zone for 1-3 minutes. This allow for quick and intense activity. Anaerobic training is also known as interval exercising. Using exercise intervals in you fitness program is a great way to add variety and challenge all of your bodies systems.

In this form of exercise, intervals such as swimming, running and weight lifting.

Many times this exercise involves going back and forth from quick bouts of strength and cardiovascular conditioning. The lengths of the intervals will vary based on the needs and goals of the exerciser. You can do an interval workout anywhere with little or no equipment - a skipping rope, some light hand weights and resistance tubing. Here is an example of a short interval based workout:

  • Warm up - 2 minutes
  • .Skipping - 2 minutes
  • Chest press - 1 minutes
  • Running - 2 minutes
  • Bicep curls - 1 minutes
  • Sports drills - 2 minutes
  • Squats - 1 minutes
  • Low impact aerobics - 2 minutes
  • Lunges - 1 minute
  • Cool down - 2 minutes

The interval possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you are unsure where to start, consult with a trainer who can set you up on a program based on your fitness level and goals.



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