Advanced training


Have you been working out for over a year? Advanced training is a great way to take fitness program to the next level.

It will help develop strength and size of your muscles and improve your cardiovascular conditioning. When choosing your advanced training exercises you must think of what specific goals desired.

Advanced training includes more exercise modalities (dumbbells, barbells and machines), increased weight load and cardio training times. Advanced training is suitable for the exerciser who had been active for a least a year and is familiar with proper form and technique.

This type of exercise is suitable for both men and women. They may have different goals. Men typically want to focus on muscular strength and size gains while women want to continue to lose fat and improve muscle tone. Women tend to shy away from this kind of training for fear that they will become bulky.

The truth is that men will develop more substantial muscles as women lack the testosterone to do this but they will become toned and firm.

When entering this fitness program, it is important to ensure that you consult a professional for proper form, technique and safety for any new exercises. There are endless ways to structure your program, but there are some general guidelines. You need not change your entire routine; you can just make a few changes to challenge you. You can workout 3-5 times per week doing 2-4 sets of each exercise of 1-10 repetitions (depending on you goals).Make sure that you also recover for up 48 hour after an intense muscle workout to allow the muscles to rebuild and heal.



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