When you often have trouble breathing, you may be diagnosed with asthma. Your airway becomes irritated as a reaction to some a foreign object or a change in breathing condition. Asthma is a chronic condition and a very common illness that affects people of all ages.

Asthma is often connected with allergies but can also be related to chemical and other external substances. Diagnosing asthma is very straight forward as the doctor used a combination of medical history and a physical exam.

A few of the key indicators of this condition are wheezing and shortness of breath. It is also important to note if these problems worsen when exposed to smoke, pollen and dust which are trigger of this illness.

Once you are diagnosed with this condition you can seek the treatment option that works best for you. Many experts believe that tracking your symptoms to help you identify the triggers that set off your attacks. Once you have done this, you can create an action pan to help you cope with everyday signs. This may include clearing your house of any flowers or vacuuming regularly to remove dust. Taking regular medication also helps many sufferers. Others believe is natural remedies such as changes in diet and herbal supplementation.

Managing this condition is the best way to take control of it. Remember that you are not alone: Millions of people around the worlds are suffering with you. Try as many treatment and preventative options as you can to help you stay in control of your condition.



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