Bones become brittle and thin in osteoporosis sufferers. This makes them more susceptible to breakage. Spine and hip fractures are very common in osteoporosis patients. These may require hospitalization and can cause permanent disability.

Whether your develop osteoporosis depend on a few things: the thickness of your bones early in life as well as health, diet and physical activity later in life. You are at an increases risk if you are a smoker, have arthritis, are sedentary, are smaller framed or are taking certain medications.

As a result of aging, bones naturally become thinner but you are more likely to get osteoporosis as women. As women age, they have less estrogen, a hormone that protects against bone loss. Men have more testosterone which also protects from bone loss. Not getting enough calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus also contributes to thinking bones.

The early stages of this condition usually do not have any symptoms. As the disease progresses you may experience back pain and stooped posture. While the process of bone thing cannot be stopped completely, there are some ways to delay the onset such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and not smoking.

While prevention is the best medicine, there are some common treatments for this illness include medication, surgery and physical therapy. Remember to consult with you doctor to get a diagnosis as soon as possible and to find the dies treatment option for you.



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