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It's the only online personal trainer system you will need - Get Fit with getfit. Designed by a qualified team of health and fitness professionals the get fit online personal fitness management service is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

How? Well get fit is based on your goals, at your schedule, using your equipment and of course you - your age, sex, level of fitness, experience etc).

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How it works
Simply answer the Fitness Profile questions and GetFit will create the perfect fitness programme for your needs.

Alternatively you can build your own programmes using the ready made Workout Library or from the ground up using the Exercise Explorer.


Exercising the right way
Review 500+ exercise videos . Check your form and read the do's and don'ts on proper exercise technique.

You can view exercises based on muscle groups - extremely handy when building a fitness programme.
The videos are demonstrated by both male and female models.


Lifestyle Calendar
Your Lifestyle Calendar is where you manage your exercise programme.

Here you can can change workout times/dates, log results, run fitness reports as well as access all other features in GetFit. You can even synchronise your programme to Outlook.


Key features
As the GetFit Fitness Manager is an interactive online system you get a tailor-made fitness programme allowing you to :

• Track your results and chart your progress
• Record your health journal
• Log nutrition intake (e.g. plan for weight loss)
• Create workouts or let the trainer do it for you
• Receive training feedback
• Achieve your goals!



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