Athletic training


Any age and fitness level will benefit from athletic training. It is a great way to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Athletic training will add variety to your workout and give you motivation you need to meet your fitness goals.

Athletic training is a fitness workout that includes exercises and drills that mimic those of sports much as soccer, football and sprinting. These can be done as a circuit (one drill right after the other) or you can just add one exercise to your daily routine. Athletic training will help improve your agility, endurance and overall exercise performance.

Before beginning your program, you have to figure out which activities are most suited to your goals. If you are training for a sports event, you may want to pick drills that mimic that particular even. If you are looking to give your exercise routine a boast, choose drills that are very different from the types of moves that you are currently doing.

There are many drills and exercises that you can use in your program, here are a few activities that you can try. Basketball: Pretend to dribble a basketball and you dart in and out of pylons - one you reach the end, do a jump shot 4 times. Boxing: do a combination of punches including upper cuts, jabs and hooks. Push & Skip: alternate betweens push ups again the wall and jumping rope.

You can do these workout 3-4 times a week for 15-60 minutes depending on your fitness level. Once you start to incorporate variety into your workout, you will quickly begin to see results.



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