Biceps Workout


If you want lean and strong arms, you must include a biceps workout into your fitness program. The biceps workout is a favourite of beginner body builders as most people are impressed with big arms.

No matter what your fitness goals are, you can benefit from this type of workout.

Before beginning a biceps workout, you should understand how this muscle group works. These muscles are made up of two parts and are responsible for bending the elbow. When exercising the triceps, you shouldn't neglect the other side of your arm. This can cause imbalances and injury. A biceps workout will help you to pull - something most of us do in everyday life.

These muscles are usually pretty strong but will not be able to bear as much weight as a larger group such as your legs. You can perform exercises for these muscles for 3 non consecutive days a week. Make sure that you rest for at least 48 hours before you attempt to work this muscle group again.

Determine the best exercise for you by trying out as many as you can and see which ones fit into your specific programs. Some examples of these arm exercises are: Dumbbell curls, hammer curls (palms facing in), concentration curls (one arm at a time), and cable curls (using a machine).

All exercisers should use the amount of weight that you can complete safely in up to 15 repetitions. You can perform up to 3 sets of each exercise depending on your fitness goals.



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