Lower Back Exercise


Many fitness enthusiasts often neglect lower back exercise in favour of abdominal work. While it is important to work on your abs, it is equally as important to balance out your abs workout with lower body exercise.

Lower back exercise will help create a strong core that provides stability, improves posture and help restores balance. Keeping this area strong will assist in working out the other areas of your body.

Lower back exercise is easy to incorporate into your current program and can be done anywhere at anytime.

A few examples of this type of workout include: standing side bends, pelvic tilts, floor arches and lower back extensions. When performing these moves make sure that you do not go beyond you comfort level. Have a professional demonstrate the moves so you can do them safely. You only need to choose one of these moves, so try them to find out which one is best for your fitness level. You can do any one of these moves 2-3 times a week, aiming for 10-20 repetitions of each.

Another major benefit of these moves is the reduction of pain in this area. Many people with pain shy away from these moves as they think that it will aggravate the pain. The opposite is actually true.

Making the area stronger will help ease pain and increase mobility. Make sure that you follow the workout with a long stretch of the area. Stretches should be held from 30-90 seconds, depending on you fitness level.



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