Classic strength


One of the oldest forms of weight conditioning is classic strength training. It is defined by the traditional exercises that we think of when we talk about bodybuilding.

Some of these exercises are bench press; dumbbell curls, overhead press and the calf raise, to name a few. This program generally includes free weights and machines. Classic strength training is very muscle specific, focusing on only one group at a time in order to get the most dramatic results.

Many weight lifters use these classic strength exercises to build up muscular size and power. While this is often the case, it is a misconception that only men should participate in a classic strength program.

Women are concerned that they will become bulky with muscles when they want to look lean. This is untrue. This type of training has many benefits for women including stronger bones, improved energy and a lower body fat percentage.

There are many ways to design a program but there are a few guidelines that everyone can keep in mind. Consult with a fitness professional before you begin your program. They can help you with form, technique and set you up with the proper exercise for your fitness level. You can weight training from 2-4 times per week. Make sure that you perform all exercises in a slow, controlled manner. Only use the weight that you are comfortable lifting for about 12 repetitions or until fatigue. Don't try and lift too much as you will be prone to injury.



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