Integrated strength


Using more than one muscle group or integrated strength training involves improves balance, coordination and function. By adding layers of movement and weight in multiple sets, integrated strength training will challenge muscles.

It emphasizes the body's core muscles - the abdomen and the back - as stabilizers. This is also known as functional training. Integrated strength training aims to mimic the moves that the body is engineered to do in everyday life.

Our bodies are designed to lift, walk, climb, bend, twist and turn. Integrated strength training exercises are designed to copy and build on these movements. The time that we spend on integrated strength training has optimum carry over in our everyday lives. This is especially important as out population ages and it becomes more difficult to perform everyday activities.

There are four highly functional activities that you can add to your everyday lives that are easy to master and con be done anywhere. These are push ups, squats, lunges, the grocery bag lift and curl (to target arms and shoulders) anyone can do these exercises 3-5 times a week and start to notice an improvement in function and ease of movement.

This type of conditioning should not replace your current program, rather it should supplement it. Functional training uses the movements found in sports and adds resistance.

When training, it is important to mimic the natural range of motion and speed of you chosen sport. When adding this to your regular exercise program you can help enhance you overall well being and potential in the playing arena.



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