Almost any sports player can benefit from speed training. Most athletes spend their time focused on strength and endurance training, but speed training can really kick up your performance.

This type of training is also great for intermediate exercisers who are able to maintain 20-30 minutes of continuous cardiovascular activity.

Speed drills are exercises that are performed intensely for a short distance in the quickest possible time. Speed exercises are influenced by a person's mobility, strength, endurance and technique. They can include hopping, jumping, skipping and running. For example, you can run 5 sets or 10 metres with a 2 minute rest between runs. You could then do all of the mentioned exercises for 20 metres each.

These drills can be incorporated into any training program and can be performed 2 times a week. It works especially well with interval training. This program includes bouts of intense cardiovascular or strength training exercise followed by light exercise.

Exercises should be practiced at slower speeds before it is done at more intensive levels. All programs should begin with a 10-15 minute warm up and 5-10 minute cool down. If you are training for an event, choose a reasonable goal and start off with long recovery periods between exercises. Make sure that you work on your mobility to reduce the risk of injury. These types of drills should be performed after a period of rest or light training.



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