Explosive power


The rate of force development is at the maximum for any type of muscle action is explosive power. In activities requiring high acceleration and output, explosive power training is necessary for maximum development.

Some examples of these activities would include soccer, hurdling and football. This type of training is effective in enhancing athletic performance.

The general exerciser doesn't usually need to include explosive power training in a regular workout. Cardiovascular and strength training in a slow, steady manner will give adequate results. In contrast, Athletic movements need to be performed at high speeds. The muscles have to be developed and trained outside of the sport in order to do this. The types of exercises used in explosive power training are determined by the type of sport that is being trained for. For example, for a basketball player trying to improve his jump shot would have a training program that would include weighted vertical jumps.

Another example would be a gymnast who would like to get more height in her back spring; she would perform jumps and push ups to improve the strength in her arms and legs.

Explosive power exercises should be taught and supervised by fitness professionals to reduce the risk of injury. They should also be done in conjunction with a regular workout program to ensure that the athlete is balanced in all exercise areas.



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