Core strength


Many people who begin a conditioning program are looking to get sculpted abdominals. Improving your core strength is important for balance and better posture.

Core strength involves working the muscles of your abs and back.

A good core strength program includes a balance of exercise that utilizes all parts of the torso. Working these muscles will also improve your ability to perform other exercises as it increases your stability. Here are a few ways to exercises to work on core strength:

  • Pilates - This can be done at home (with a video) or in a class setting. Pilates focus is on body awarement, breathing and stability

  • Exercise Ball - This is a great tool to for abs and back exercises. There are a lot of great books and videos to help you with technique

  • Medicine Balls- These weighted devices really can add a challenge to your ab crunches and back extensions

  • Balance Trainers - By standing on an unstable surface, you force your abs and back to work to keep you stable. You can also use these trainers while you are doing other exercises

  • Resistance Bands - You can do lower and upper body exercises with these bands. In order to maintain good form while performing exercises, you really have to engage your stability muscles

  • Yoga - Many types of yoga include balance and control of your stability muscles to help maintain other postures.

By incorporating these different exercises into your regime, you will enhance sports performance, stabilize your spine and provide a solid foundation for movement of your extremities.



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