Inner thigh exercise


When performed with a good cardiovascular program, inner thigh exercises can help sculpt and tone your legs. This is often the goal of many women as it tends to be a trouble area from them.

Inner thigh exercises can be done anywhere at anytime with little or no equipment.

Inner thigh exercises target a muscle group called the adductors. These muscles are responsible for brining your legs together. They stabilize your legs and pelvis when you walk, run, jump or lunge. Inner thigh exercises are easy to incorporate into your current program.

There are a number of exercises that are used to training this area. Here are a few that you can try: hip adductor (machine), leg lift (lying on the floor), a wide leg squat (toes pointed out) and ball squeezes (place ball between your legs). When performing these exercises you want to remember to have proper form, challenge yourself (add resistance and chose a variety of exercises) and do them slowly. Pilates and yoga are also wonderful for helping to develop strength in the legs, specifically this trouble area.

Remember that these moves alone will not reduce and shape the leg area. You need to include cardio such as running or skipping to lose overall body fat. When you work on this area it is very important to also include exercises for the outer leg to for balance.

Make sure that you stretch the area for 30-90 second to keep the area flexible and prevent injury.



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