3 Hour Diet


Wondering whether the 3 hour diet will work for you? The 3 hour diet is a cleansing slimming plan that claims to work on the principle that losing weight depends more on when you eat than it does what food you consume.

The 3 hour diet doesn't restrict or prohibit any particular food or food group, and guarantees that slimmers will eat approximately 5 times a day. Sounds pretty good, but how does the 3 hour plan actually work? And does it produce real, reliable results?

The 3 hour diet was developed by Jorge Cruise, a fitness and weight loss guide, based on the premise that if you go longer than 180 minutes without eating your body will begin breaking down and burning muscle rather than fat for fuel. Cruise believes that if meals have a balanced ratio of carbs, fats and proteins, and they're eaten at the right intervals, slimmers will lose weight.

The plan allows for breakfast, then a snack mid-morning, followed by lunch, then a snack mid-afternoon, and then dinner, and a treat that may be eaten with dinner or 180 minutes later.

The truth about this plan is that you are likely to lose weight, but due to calorie restriction rather than anything to do with meal time intervals. The plan stipulates what constitutes acceptable portions for each meal or snack, so that each meal will hover around the 400 calorie mark, with each snack at roughly 100 calories, and the treat at 50 calories. This indicates a total daily calorie intake of about 1450 calories, which represents a reduction in calories from the daily caloric recommendation for both men and women. All in all, however, this plan is not a bad one, because it is nutritionally balanced and helps to teach slimmers more appropriate eating habits that can be continued into the future.



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