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Want to figure out if a fad diet is likely to work for you? There are so many fad diet plans out there, and they seem to come and go so quickly that it's really difficult to figure out which one's are actually safe and effective!

If you're considering a fad diet as a slimming solution, you'll want to measure it up against the basic principles of healthy slimming, and make sure that it's not asking you to change your eating habits in such a way that you put your well-being at risk. So what kind of fad diet plans are out there right now? And how can you distinguish between the good, the bad and the downright dangerous?

There are literally dozens of fad diets to chose from on any given day, and new ones are constantly emerging. From the Grapefruit plan which dates to the 1930's to the more up to the minute varieties like the Sonoma eating strategy, there's bound to be one that sounds good to you. They all have a specific, individual theory on slimming which they base their meal plans on. The Maker Plan advocates eating the kinds of foods we ate in Biblical times. The Lemonade Plan aims to clear out toxins from the digestive tract. The Cabbage Soup Plan is basically what amounts to an extremely low calorie eating plan. One thing these eating plans tend to have in common is that they usually only operate over a relatively short period of time, because they tend to be unable to provide you with a balance of the vitamins and minerals that you need, so they can't be kept up over the long term.

Since they often advocate the elimination of whole food groups, many of these plans come with nutritional concerns. Please be careful starting any eating plan that doesn't contain a balance of your daily nutritional requirements. If you have concerns about the nutritional content of a particular plan, ask your doctor for advice.



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