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What exactly is a science diet? You may have heard the term used around your gym or health club, but not be entirely clear on what type of eating plan it refers to.

A science diet is an eating plan that makes use of information on how the body works to achieve slimness, health and wellness. A science diet may be used to help you deal with a particular health condition, such as acid reflux, or make use of your personal chemical make up to determine how your metabolism will respond to various food types.

So what kind of science diet plans are out there?

Once popular plan is the Blood Type eating plan. This eating regime claims to work by determining which foods are easily digestible by your body by identifying your blood type.

The plan claims to help you reach your physical potential by helping you to steer away from foods that work against your natural make up. There are also plans that are created in order to alleviate a medical condition.

The gout plan is a good example. People who suffer from gout follow the plan to learn how to avoid foods that have high levels of purine - a substance that causes painful crystals to form in their joints. Similarly, the Diverticulitus plan advises sufferers to stay away from fibrous foods that leave a residue behind in the intestines until this painful digestive illness has had time to heal.

Some plans help you to learn to live with a current physical condition - for example, pregnancy. If you are an expectant mother, it's important to have guidance outlining what nutrients are vital for the health of your baby, and which food items or beverages pose a threat.

So many physical conditions are curable by simple alterations to eating patterns so that we are working with the chemistry of our bodies, rather than against it.

We are very fortunate to live in an age of knowledge where important medical advances are made everyday. To learn more about eating regimes that work on a scientific basis, consult your doctor.



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