Low Fat Diet


Looking for a low fat diet that's a good fit for your personal goals and tastes?

Look no further than Thefitmap.com. We know how daunting it can be to pick a low fat diet plan when there are so many to choose from. The ideal is to find a low fat diet that's not only safe and effective, but also palatable to you, so that you'll be able to stick with it long term.

So what are the best low fat diets available today, and what do they involve?

There's a whole range of low fat diet plans available, and the more you know about each one, the better equip you'll be to make a safe and effective choice.

Some of the more popular eating plans that fall under this category include the Mediterranean plan , the Mayo Clinic plan, and the Macrobiotic plan. While some plans in this category operate on the basis of calorie counting and eliminating cakes, candy and fried foods, other regimes advocate a particular variety of foods, eaten in a particular way. The Macrobiotic plan, for example, advocates eating only fresh, non-processed foods.

What most plans in this category have in common, however, is that they tend to advocate lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. These meal plans are usually high in slow release carbohydrates, provide a balance of vitamins and minerals, and are considered to be heart healthy.

If you're considering embarking on a reduced calorie reduced eating plan, make sure to consult your doctor and get an educated medical opinion on your personal health needs, and the merits and drawbacks of your particular eating plan of choice.



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