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Curious about cleansing diet plans? A cleansing diet is any plan that works on the basis of eliminating foods or beverages that are perceived as being harmful or 'toxic' the body over an extended period of time.

A cleansing diet tends to be temporary, lasting from a couple of hours to a couple of days or even a couple of weeks, and are not normally adopted on a permanent basis. So what are the benefits of cleansing diet plans? And what plans are out there to choose from?

Popular Cleansing Diet plans include all detox plans, the 3 Day Plan, the 3 Hour Plan, and also slimming plans like the Lemonade Plan. These sorts of eating plans generally advocate limiting a variety of foods - sometimes even eliminating solid foods all together in favour of liquids.

Many of these plans claim to work by creating a unique hormonal balance, or by kick starting your metabolism by eating a particular combination of foods. Some plans, such as the 3 Hour Plan, put the emphasis on when you eat, or how often, rather than what you eat, claiming that this has an effect on your body's response to food.

The truth about most of these eating regimes is that they seldom work the way we think they do. As a result of the short timeframe most of these plans operate on, real permanent weight loss is unlikely.

For lasting weight loss, a slimmer needs to make a permanent lifestyle change that extends to making healthier meal choices. In addition, the feeling of well-being many people experience on detox plans often has more to do with cutting out fatty, salty, sugary processed foods than with any kind of food combining or meal timing.

Lastly, nutritionists have some concern about the nutritional viability of many of these plans, due to the fact that they often call for limiting or eliminating a food group all together. If you are considering attempting such a plan, be sure to consult your doctor.



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