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Have you heard about the South Beach Diet, but aren't quite sure what it entails? The South Beach Diet is a slimming plan invented by Miami cardiologist Dr.

Arthur Agatston. Dr. Agatston created the South Beach Diet for his cardiac patients, as a means of losing weight and permanently change their eating habits to become more 'heart healthy'.

Having noted the positive results, the South Beach Diet was then published in a book of the same name, so that it's benefits would be available to the populace at large. So what exactly does the South Beach Diet do for you? And how can you be sure that it's a safe and healthy means of slimming?

The South Beach Diet works by limiting 'bad fats' and 'bad carbs'. Bad fats are considered to be saturated fats and trans fats. Bad carbs are refined starches and sugars such as white flour or table sugar which have a high glycemic index and are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream.

The aim is to rebalance insulin levels so that the body will start burning fat for energy instead of storing it.

Dr. Agatston's plan works in three phases. During the first phase, which lasts 2 weeks, slimmers eliminate all carbs with high glycemic counts, such as sugar, cakes, bread, potatoes and cereals.

During the second phase, which continues until the slimmer has arrived at the goal weight, smaller amounts of whole grain foods are slowly reintroduced into the diet. During the last phase, which goes on indefinitely, the slimmer is permitted three servings of fruit and three servings of grain per day.

This eating plan aims not only to help you lose weight, but to totally transform your eating habits and your relationship to food. It also works towards a healthy heart by eliminating or monitoring some of the medical conditions which put strain on the heart, such as obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. If you are concerned about beginning this eating plan, or have any further questions, please ask your doctor.



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