Triathlon Training


If you like exercise variety, you should consider triathlon training.

It is a demanding workout regime that requires skill and dedication. Triathlon training for beginners is a great way to stay motivated as you are working towards a tangible fitness goal.

Triathlon training involves exercise that will help you prepare to swim, bike and run for various lengths depending on your goals. Based on your fitness level, you will workout from 7-18 hours a week for the 12 weeks prior to the big event.

Triathlon training is suitable for anyone who has a competitive edge for beginners and likes to work hard. Anyone attempting this program should get a complete physical before they begin.

This fitness program includes a combination of cardiovascular and strength workout. Cardiovascular conditioning will help prepare your body for the three different sports. Strengthening the specific muscle groups used in each activity will help give you the edge over your competitors. Here a few things to consider for your workout regime:

  • Work on distance first and then exercise intensity
  • Vary your workout terrain by using hills, flats and uneven surfaces
  • Know in advance the route and area of your race
  • Make sure you get lots of rest
  • Get support form a fitness professional
  • Get adequate nutrition and fluids

Start your program off slowing and progress to longer route and faster speeds. You also want to mix up you modalities. For example, one day you lift weight and run, the next day you swim and stretch. This will give your muscles time to recover between sessions.



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