Marathon Training


If you would like to put your endurance to the test, marathon training might be just what you are looking for. It requires commitment, hard work and energy.

You should be at an intermediate to advance fitness level before you begin marathon training and be running at from 15-25 miles per week.

Marathon training involves exercises and drills that will prepare you to run 26.2 miles. This regime starts 18 weeks before the day of the race. Marathon training is great for athletes who like to work towards a specific goal or who would like to improve overall exercise performance. You should get a physical from your doctor before you begin this program. You also want to ensure that you have adequate time in your schedule to dedicate at least 5 days a week to exercising.

This fitness program generally includes a combination of running, walking and cross training (another form of aerobic exercise) at different speeds and durations. These variables gradually increase over the weeks as you get stronger and closer to race day. For example, in the first week you would progress to run 6 miles, in the forth week you would run 9 miles and so on. Exercise drills are also supplemented with muscle conditioning. This would involve a weekly workout with light weights and high repetitions.

Stretching is vital to this program as runner need to stay flexible and allow there muscles to rest. Runner also follow a very strict diet, so consult with a professional to help you out if you are considering this program.



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