Dumbbell Workout


You can exercise your entire body with a dumbbell workout. This is great if you are short on time and money.

With a dumbbell workout, you can go right from one exercise to the next using some easy to follow tricks and tips.

As with any exercise program, you should consult with you doctor before you begin a dumbbell workout. If you are a beginner exerciser, it also may be a good idea to chat with a fitness professional to help you will goal setting and safety.

You can get the same results from a dumbbell workout as you can from exercise machines. One advantage to this program is that the equipment used is relatively easy to find and fairly inexpensive. It is also very portable (if you are using light weights). You will also need a bench or seat to lay or sit on.

There are endless possibilities for a dumbbell workout. Here a few exercises to get your started bicep curls, triceps presses, squats, lunges, shoulder raises, chest press, bent over row. It is a good idea to exercise in front of a mirror (if you have one available) to check out your form and technique.

Perform the exercises in a slow and controlled manner. Start with one set of each exercise for 5-15 repetitions (depending on you fitness goals) after 6-8 weeks progress to multiple sets. Please ensure that you are breathing during exercise and you do not lift weights that are too heavy. This can result injury.



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