Low carb recipe advice


Tracking down low carb recipes is essential if you are to make this diet work. While it is a very successful weight loss method, it is not a way of eating that comes naturally to people - it takes planning.

Using low carb recipes enables you to stick to the plan while still eating a healthy variety of foods.

Why should you follow this diet? Recent research strongly suggest that eating this way, reducing your carbohydrate intake and replacing it with protein, is more effective than the low fat diets people have been using for years for weight loss.

The effectiveness of the diet seems to be due to its effect on your body's production of enzymes and insulin, key factors in whether your body burns or stores body fat.

The most famous - and most extreme - version of this diet is the Atkins diet. While undoubtedly successful for many people, Atkins has raised concerns among many doctors and health professionals.

You should therefore learn as much as possible before embarking on an eating plan of this type.

Remember too that as protein and fat are processed more slowly by the body, you will need to take care in managing your energy intake - no skipping meals, for example.

Used properly, and with the variety that these different options give you, this can be a very successful diet.



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