Zone Diet


Have you heard about the Zone Diet in the media and are curious to learn more?

In recent years, the Zone Diet has been popularized by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston as a great way to maintain a slim figure without feeling deprived.

It seems to have worked for Jennifer, but will the Zone Diet work for you? And most importantly, is the Zone Diet safe and nutritionally sound?

The Zone Diet was invented by a man called Barry Sears, and it's based on a principle of creating a hormonal balance within the body rather than counting calories. Mr. Sears claims that eating particular foods in certain groupings and ratios works with, rather than against the way our bodies have evolved over hundreds of years, causing more efficient bodily function that can lead to weight loss.

This eating plan advocates a daily food intake which includes 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% fats. Sears maintains that this ratio not only balances insulin levels allowing the body to stop automatically storing fat and start burning it instead, but it also creates a hormonal balance which results in the body releasing natural anti-inflamatories. These anti-inflamatories are beneficial for your heart and general well-being.

This eating plan claims to be a more successful means of promoting weight loss than the traditional low fat weight loss plans, primarily because Sears claims that high carb, low fat plans increase insulin production, which leads to fat storage. If you are considering trying this eating plan, it's important to bear in mind that some nutritional organizations have voiced concerns over the safety of the plan due to it's high protein, low nutrient content, and also the lack of available information on long term effects.



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